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Bright-line test extended to 5 years

Bright-line test extended to 5 years

Tuesday, 29th May 2018
From 29 March 2018, the bright-line test that is used to determine if you have tax to pay on the sale of residential property has changed. If you entered into an agreement to ...
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Do you have Reliable Information to Monitor your Business?

Do you have Reliable Information to Monitor your Business?

Wednesday, 8th November 2017
A business owner may have a variety of measures they use to monitor the progress of the business on a monthly basis. While some might be happy to use the closing bank balance at ...
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Break Even Analysis

Break Even Analysis

Tuesday, 17th July 2018
Break Even Analysis In our October 2017 Newsletter we discussed calculations of break even analysis when purchasing a new asset. Break even analysis can also be used when ...
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Residential Property Rental Losses

Residential Property Rental Losses

Tuesday, 27th November 2018
From the 1 April 2019 Inland Revenue is intending to ring fence losses from residential rental properties. Simply put any losses from residential rent will now only be ...
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  • Tax Working Group
  • Ring Fencing of Rental Losses
  • Bank Financing
  • Monitoring Your Business
  • The Cost of Holiday Pay
  • MYOB Classic Support Ending and more...
Portable Document Format (PDF) (261kb)
  • IRD focus on Cash Jobs
  • Parental Leave
  • Employer Changes
  • Online Accounting Software Clients
  • Trustee Obligations
  • Personal Tax Considerations and more...
Portable Document Format (PDF) (464kb)
  • Travel vs Entertainment
  • Break Even Analysis
  • AIM Accounting Method
  • Valid Tax Invoices
  • Important Tax Dates
  • Brightline Test and more...
Portable Document Format (PDF) (112kb)
  • Taxes on Accommodation
  • Planning
  • How is your business organised?
  • Customer Service - Words of Wisdom
  • Important Tax Dates
  • Book Reviews and more...
Portable Document Format (PDF) (418kb)
  • Company Vehicles & Latest FBT Changes
  • Asset Purchases - Will it stack up?
  • Loans to Family Members
  • Customer Service - Words of Wisdom
  • Important Tax Dates
  • Book Reviews and more...
Portable Document Format (PDF) (115kb)
  • Budget Update 2017
  • New Email Scam
  • The Changing Face of IRD, Tax & GST
  • Online Accounting Systems - Bank Balance Correct?
  • Updated Mileage Rates
  • Wheel of Life and more...
Portable Document Format (PDF) (383kb)
  • Tax Changes
  • 10 Years of Information
  • ACC - Some Reminders
  • Year End Information
  • Important Tax Dates
  • Change to Minimum Wage
Portable Document Format (PDF) (124kb)
  • GST De-Registration
  • Residential Property Tax
  • Annual Leave
  • Manage Business Risk
  • Important Tax Dates
  • GST Returns & Tax Payments
Portable Document Format (PDF) (351kb)
  • Residential Property Update
  • Business Growth & Cashflow
  • The Cash Economy
  • Personal Insurances
  • New Lending Restrictions
  • Employers Record Keeping
Portable Document Format (PDF) (349kb)
  • Tax Proposals
  • Rental Property Costs
  • Audit Shield
  • Monitoring Your Business
  • Having a Money Plan
Portable Document Format (PDF) (351kb)
  • Minimum Wage Increase
  • Imputation Credits - An Explanation
  • Overseas Income
  • Employment Law Changes
  • Plan The Year Ahead
Portable Document Format (PDF) (359kb)
  • ACC - Are you paying too much?
  • From the IRD - Undeclared Cash Jobs
  • Important Tax Dates
  • The Year in Review
  • Health & Safety Reforms
Portable Document Format (PDF) (376kb)
  • Residential Property Update
  • Mileage Rate Change
  • Cyber Bullying & Digital Harassment
  • Mark Up vs. Gross Profit
  • Employer Obligations
Portable Document Format (PDF) (350kb)
July 2015
  • Are you a Company Director?
  • Use of Money Interest Rate Changes
  • Fair Trading Act
  • Are you in charge?
  • Budget Update
Portable Document Format (PDF) (236kb)
March 2015
  • End of Financial Year
  • Employment Agreements - Do you meet the legal requirements?
  • Depreciation - How much can I claim?
  • Farm Accommodation Allowance
  • How is business tracking?
Portable Document Format (PDF) (433kb)
December 2014
  • GST Reminders
  • The Fraud Triangle
  • Annual Leave Calculations
  • Purchasing Equipment ex Bank Funds
  • Solving IRD Problems
Portable Document Format (PDF) (484kb)
October 2014
    FBT Reimbursement
  • Health & Safety Reforms
  • Time Management
  • Cheque Payments to IRD
Portable Document Format (PDF) (306kb)
June 14
  • Computer Scams
  • Investment Property Expenses
  • GST on Second Hand Goods
  • More Words of Wisdom
  • Donation Rebates
Portable Document Format (PDF) (322kb)
March 2014
  • Valuation of Stock
  • Bad Debts
  • Financial Reporting (Companies)
  • Employee Allowances
  • Credit Card Debt
  • Minimum Wage Update
Portable Document Format (PDF) (464kb)
December 2013
  • Latest IRD Focus
  • Business Analysis
  • Lending Money to Family?
  • Calculating Discounts
  • Employment Update
Portable Document Format (PDF) (331kb)
September 2013
  • IRD Refunds
  • Reducing FBT Calculations
  • Interest Times Cover Ratio
  • The 80/20 (Pareto) Principle
Portable Document Format (PDF) (196kb)
June 2013
  • Latest Changes & 90 day trial
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Interest Rates
  • Tax Payment Dates
  • Managing Accounts Receivable
  • Why Businesses Fail
Portable Document Format (PDF) (381kb)
"As a real estate salesperson operating in Hamilton, I have found it vital to have a great accountant. Not content with selling just the occasional property, I have been single-minded about operating an efficient, healthy and growing business. This has meant performing at high levels while providing outstanding service to every client. To help me achieve this, I have invested in building a team of support staff, which currently consists of two staff members in selling roles and one in administration. We see DB Chartered Accountants as an integral part of our team as they are a “one stop shop” looking after all the book-keeping aspects of the business.

DB Chartered Accountants take care of all my tax and reporting requirements, from GST, KiwiSaver contributions and PAYE to end of year books and taxation advice. A lot of my business growth now revolves around time management. By working with DB Chartered Accountants my time input into the accounting side of the business is now negligible, leaving me free to work on my core business rather than be bogged down by the “red tape” aspects.

Pam from DB Chartered Accountants has looked after my accounts for several years now. Previously I had been through three other accountants in the space of two years. I was disappointed by the level of service provided by these firms and after missing deadlines for payments to IRD and dealing with the ensuing penalties, as well as being charged over-zealous fees, I felt very uneasy that nobody was overseeing my needs. I needed better assistance. After leaving the last of these firms, I was referred to what is now DB Chartered Accountants as they were trustworthy and reliable. This could not have been more accurate.

Fortunately my previous experiences are behind me and I now get a courteous reminder from Pam when a deadline is looming and action is required – and I no longer fear unjustified bills arriving in the letter box from my accountant. I enjoy working with the firm and am known by name by most of the staff which gives me confidence that I am being properly looked after. I appreciate being able to pick up the phone and call when I have questions. I would recommend working with DB Chartered Accountants without hesitation."

Vaughan Heslop,
Lodge Real Estate MREINZ
REINZ Top 10 Regional Salesperson Award Winner
Waikato/Bay of Plenty/Taupo Districts
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